MiracleWare®Miracle Blanket®

Pink Elephant Miracle Blanket & MiracleWare Muslin Swaddle Set


The perfect luxuriously soft 100% cotton sleep combination for baby, the Miracle Blanket® simplifies swaddling with a snug, cozy wrap that eases fussiness while the Muslin Swaddle blanket is plentiful in size   for easy wrapping or lay-and-play.



Now you can have the best of both worlds: the award-winning and world-famous Miracle Blanket, with a matching muslin swaddle. You get the guarantee of sleep with a Miracle Blanket, and daytime/playtime with a muslin swaddle. As with any fabric to come in contact with baby’s delicate skin, always prewash cold gentle cycle and warm tumble dry prior to use.