We asked Penny from Ilminster to try the Miracle Blanket and here is her thoughts: The swaddle was incredible. I wrapped him up at 8.30 and was asleep at 8.45. He slept all the way… Read more »

We asked Amy from Windsor to try the Miracle Blanket and here is her thoughts: Initially, baby S was not keen to be wrapped up and wriggled around complaining, making swaddling him quite tricky. As… Read more »

Great product — we used with our now 3.5 year old and always give the miracle blanket as a gift. We are expecting our second in November and look forward to using the miracle blanket… Read more »

I have two miracle blankets and absolutely love them! Thanks so much!

The Miracle Blanket® is a GOD SEND and worth its weight in gold!! I first bought it for my daughter in 2005 at the recommendation of another mom. At that time, my daughter was one… Read more »

Your swaddle miracle blankets are incredible and totally saved us from a fussy baby.

I love the miracle blanket. I post about it on Facebook all the time and I think it will be my new baby gift of choice!

I loved the miracle blanket with our first child. I liked watching the video showing how to use the miracle blanket. It was a quick refresher.

What a “miracle”. We are in the process of adopting our second child and plan on using the miracle blanket again. We’ve passed the word on to who ever will listen!

They would wiggle out of other products but your miracle blanket kept them secure and asleep! They were lifesavers for the parents too! =)

I love your miracle blanket! I got one for a gift when my son was born, and now it is my favorite gift to give for baby showers.

The miracle blanket saved our lives! Our son wanted to be swaddled but would get out of every generic swaddler with velcro or that we’d try to do ourselves with receiving blankets. The Miracle Blanket®… Read more »