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Learn the Miracle Blanket swaddle method “Hand-to-Heart”, arms down, arms in or out!

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More than 2 million babies have been safely swaddled in the Miracle Blanket since 2003 without a single safety accident.

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The swaddle was incredible. I wrapped him up at 8.30 and was asleep at 8.45. He slept all the way through until 4.40 where he was stirring for bottle. Arms and legs still in the swaddle!! He then back back down until 8.30, absolutely fab!!

Penny from Iminster, Somerset, UK December 2018

I was initially skeptical about the sleep claims made by the blanket but I have been converted! By the third night, my baby was sleeping 11pm-5 or 6am and seemed more able to go back off to sleep after a feed. The blanket seems to help reduce his startle reflex and when he does wake, it’s more gentle. Despite being a fidgety baby, he’s not managed to bust out of the swaddle like others and I think he enjoys being held tightly. The swaddle gives the baby the same contained feeling they are used to in the womb or your arms and is so reassuring.

I’m really impressed and will be recommending this product to my friends who are expecting.

Amy, Windsor, UK, December 2018